VPS Hosting

Typically a business or entrepreneur will start their online presence through what is called a shared hosting environment. What that means is, their website along with a few other websites will share a server between them. The upside is, it doesnt typically cost a lot out of pocket and it comes with technical support. The downside is the shared server. All the websites share a few gigabytes of memory and hard drive space. Sometimes you even share an IP address with the other websites, which can affect your reputation negatively if the other websites are less than reputable.

The next step up for your online presence will depend a lot on your technical capabilities and how much you set aside to spend for your the online needs of your brand. You will choose either a managed or unmanaged Virtual Private Server(VPS). The difference between those two are whether or not you want to have technical support available to help you with your needs. Let's walk through a base VPS install offered through us.

Our basic server setup will come with 4 core cpu system which is a vital factor in the performance of your online presence. More cores will allow your system to process requests at a more rapid pace. While this is an important factor, it's not the only factor that you need to consider.

So our basic setup also includes 12 gigabytes of RAM memory and 20 gigabytes or less of swap memory. These are important features that allow you to cache data so that requests from users are handled quicker than they would have if the request had just been handled through a hard disk. More ram equals more requests at a more rapid pace.

Next our hard drive will be a solid state drive with 300 gigabytes available(Swap memory from above will be removed from this number). Solid state drives process data faster than a typical web hosting drive. Again, faster means you can handle more user requests in a timely manner.

Bandwidth is what is used to get data from a user to your system and back again. So the more users interact with your system, the more bandwidth you will use. Our setup allows you unlimited bandwidth, so you will never have your website slowed down(throttled) or halted completely for passing a bandwidth restriction. The only restriction is that the bandwidth only flows at 100 megabits per second. Unless you have very specific multimedia needs or a large amount of regular users, this should be more than enough.

Any number of Windows or Linux operating systems can be deployed. This is the software used to run all of your other website software, having a variety of choices allows us to set you up to meet your software specific needs.

Any number of IP and IPv6 addresses can be deployed and an IPv6 network are available by default. More can be deployed for an additional monthly charge of around $1 per month.

When it comes to a VPS you need a way to handle all of the mundane tasks like creating email addresses, websites, and databases. Many come with a great little package called Cpanel. This well maintained package will cost you though as an addon for your vps panel. We chose to use ISPConfig for these tasks. It's well maintained, feature rich with items not available in Cpanel and free for use. If you are used to Cpanel, you will love ISPConfig.

Finally we will set up the free Clouflare plan. This feature, helps protect against hackers while also streamlining and in many cases will actually speed up your overall system performance. On a side note, it also helps you with a no cost ssl certificate to help secure your data without additional costs out of pocket.

So all of the above when compared with some hosting companies out there will set you back over $40 a month for an unmanaged VPS with similar stats and you install all of the software. The above setup including our support will be just $39.99 per month. Cheaper than most charge for the same VPS without techical support. Discounted rates available when paying ahead.

Email us at [email protected] for further details.